Klangriket - Tjärn

28 SEPTEMBER 2018 (PCR005)


After The Amsterdam Sessions, his acclaimed collaboration with Sjors Mans, Swedish artist Klangriket returns with his solo EP, Tjärn.

Back in 2016, Fabian Rosenberg was attempting to find, for the very first time, his voice as a composer and producer. He wanted to become familiar with the piano and to create an identity away from the trumpet and jazz. The result of this exploration is a collection of four instrumental pieces rooted in contemporary classical music, with ambient textures, and electronic and experimental resources.

Artwork by Fabian Rosenberg

Artwork by Fabian Rosenberg



"Klangriket schafft es, mit wenigen Tönen das Maximum an Emotionen freizusetzen. Er schafft es, zu begeistern und gleichzeitig meine Seele in einen Trance-artigen Zustand zu versetzen."

- Pretty In Noise (10/10 score)

"The end of a journey or the prelude to a new beginning? Happily, it seems Tjärn is both."

- Stationary Travels

"Across 18 minutes that feel like eight, Tjärn shines warm rays down on us that are irresistible, that render our surroundings irrelevant. All that matters is right here."

- A Closer Listen


Tjärn (Reworked)

Fabian invited some of the artists he admires to reinvent pieces from his latest EP, Tjärn, resulting in a beautiful mini-release, available November 2, 2018.

Featuring reworks by CEEYS (Germany), Jakob Lindhagen and Vargkvint (Sweden), Bonander (Sweden), Elskavon (USA), and Joakim Alfvén (Sweden).