Klangriket - Tjärn

SEPTEMBER, 2018 (PCR004)


Tjärn is a selection of songs that was composed in 2016. Back then I wasn't really associated with the piano or known as a composer. But rather as a jazz musician. These songs were really born out of exploration. Exploring what kind of sounds I like, getting familiar with the piano and also discovering my voice as a composer and producer. This ep was also a way for me to take a step back, and create an identity away from the trumpet. As a result this ep doesn't contain a single line of trumpet. Tjärn is rooted in the ambient and contemporary classical spirit but leans towards electronic and experimentalmusic. I'd like to belive that I've kept the minimalist soul alive, with the textures that can only be heard in silence. And from there allowed it to blossom and grow in to something bigger. My aspiration was that it was going to be a journey, A vessel to transfer the listener somewhere else. I aimed deep within, and my hope is that the music will allow the listener to explore and discover things deep inside, the same way I did creating this. 

The Amsterdam Sessions is available on vinyl-effect CD (50), deluxe edition cassette (20) and digitally. 

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Official music video of Hammerstraat, made by Elin Björklund. 



"Their affable and intuitive musical partnership is not unlike the one struck between Nils Frahm and Ólafur Arnalds on last year’s Trance Frendz  as their creative instincts lead them to a wonderful sweet spot nestled between abstract experimentation and the sublime pleasures of soothing and mellifluous balladry."

- Stationary Travels (USA)


"The keys are gentle and earnest, dancing their melody in the warm space touched by peaceful strings, tranquil synths, and beautiful soundscapes."

- Headphone Commute (UK)


"There have been three releases from the label thus far, all worthy of your attention but The Amsterdam Sessions caught our ears the most – probably because of the combination of the classical and electronic offered an intriguing mix of styles, that you might not have expected from this pairing."

- A Closer Listen (USA)