Klangriket & Sjors Mans - The Amsterdam Sessions

19 JANUAR 2018 (PCR002)


When Fabian Rosenberg (Klangriket) and Sjors Mans came across each other through Soundcloud, there was an instant click. Discussing music and sound gear, they eventually decided to make a song together. Their first try-out, called Sarem, was such a good experience that the two musicians felt like collaborating further to see what they could come up with if they shared the same room while writing. This resulted in Fabian leaving Stockholm, his hometown, to visit Sjors at his Amsterdam studio. During four days, they improvised and experimented as much as possible, while taking turns on different musical instruments. This adventure resulted in five tracks that are now called The Amsterdam Sessions

Ranging from neo-classical to experimental, ambient electronics, this EP is an exploration of sound and an ode to collaborative improvisation. 

Composed and produced by Fabian Rosenberg and Sjors Mans. 
Viola performed by Elias Sjöwall.
Violoncello performed by Frida Holmgren.

Artwork by Paulina Granat

Artwork by Paulina Granat



"Their affable and intuitive musical partnership is not unlike the one struck between Nils Frahm and Ólafur Arnalds on last year’s Trance Frendz  as their creative instincts lead them to a wonderful sweet spot nestled between abstract experimentation and the sublime pleasures of soothing and mellifluous balladry."

- Stationary Travels

"The keys are gentle and earnest, dancing their melody in the warm space touched by peaceful strings, tranquil synths, and beautiful soundscapes."

- Headphone Commute

"There have been three releases from the label thus far, all worthy of your attention but The Amsterdam Sessions caught our ears the most – probably because of the combination of the classical and electronic offered an intriguing mix of styles, that you might not have expected from this pairing."

- A Closer Listen