piano and coffee records

a relevant spot for artists from all over the world who cross the borders between ambient, electronic, and contemporary classical music.

Founded in 2017 by Peruvian pianist and composer Sergio Díaz De Rojas, our independent record label releases honest, unconventional works, complemented by a thoughtfully curated and distinctive aesthetic due to the labor of our visual artists Celia Bayo and Jordan Amy Lee. 

With an eclectic yet coherently unified identity, piano and coffee records has introduced the likes of Cedric Vermue, Vargkvint, Trio Ramberget, and Justina Jaruseviciute, and has become the home of composers such as Boris Rogowski, Michael Griffiths, Klangriket, and Jakob Lindhagen.

For press, radio, licensing, and distribution inquiries, send an email to: label@pianoandcoffee.com

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