Soundtracks, art covers, music videos, short films, books... Take a look at our projects to get an idea of what we are capable of. 

The Day I Lost Her (Rita and Sergio)

Piano & Coffee artists Rita Silva and Sergio Díaz De Rojas have teamed up to create a nostalgic short film about grieving the loss of a person who is still alive (coming soon).


Sleepwalking Deers (Luis and Ana)

Official music video for the solo piano piece composed by Luis Berra, taken from his album Piano Creatures. Video directed and recorded in Poland by our artist Ana Monteiro. 


The Morning is a River, Limited Edition Cassette (Sergio, Seraphina and Rita).

Our Porto-based artist Rita Silva designed the beautiful packaging for the Limited Edition Cassette of The Morning is a RIver, a collaboration between Sergio Díaz De Rojas and Seraphina Theresa.

Get a copy here.


Rueber (Ceeys and Jolien)

Music video for Rueber, a piece composed by German instrumental duo Ceeys, accompanied by captivating images created by our artist Jolien van der Beek.




Solitude (Moderna Records and Ana)

Our filmmaker Ana Monteiro directed and recorded the music video for Solitude, piano piece taken from Daigo Hanada's debut album, Ichiru, released through Moderna Records.




Spring (EFR and Ana)

Music video for Spring, L.O.U.D.'s debut single and Empty Fields Recordings' first release ever, filmed at a beach in Lisbon by our filmmaker Ana Monteiro.