Take a look at our projects to get an idea of what we are capable of. 

Project 3: The music videos for Luis Berra's Piano Creatures release campaign. 

In 2017, Italian pianist and composer Luis Berra released his piano-solo album Piano Creatures through acclaimed record label 1631 Recordings, digitally and on limited edition CD. As part of the release campaign, we were hired to make the music videos for the singles of the album.


Project 2: Packaging design for Sergio Díaz De Rojas and Seraphina Theresa's The Morning is a River.

Our artist Rita Silva designed the beautiful packaging for the Limited Edition Cassette of The Morning is a RIver, the collaboration between Peruvian composer Sergio Díaz De Rojas and German visual artist Seraphina Theresa.


Project 1: Music video for Ceey's Rueber.

As part of the release campaign of Ceeys' second album, Concrete Fields, our artist Jolien van der Beek directed and crafted a captivating music video for one of the singles.