Sjors Mans - Noord

FEBRUARY 8, 2019 (PCR007)


Sjors Mans returns with Noord, his first solo release in two years and his second appearance on piano and coffee records after his celebrated collaboration with Klangriket, The Amsterdam Sessions.

Noord was born out of the need to simply create while enjoying the process without overthinking or criticizing too much. Its six pieces alternate between soft melancholic piano melodies, intense synth sequences and captivating ambient textures, accompanied by the beautifully evocative trumpet of Mans’ longtime collaborator Fabian Rosenberg. Noord is easiness and freedom, a process of musical rediscovery. It is going back home.

Composed, performed and mixed by Sjors Mans. 
Trumpet by Fabian Rosenberg.
Mastered at Vector Amsterdam.

Artwork by Jordan Amy Lee

Artwork by Jordan Amy Lee