Plïnkï Plønkï - Happy Birthday

JUNE 16, 2018 (PCR004)


Happy Birthday is the debut album by Plïnkï Plønkï, a 50 Piece Brass Ensemble from Iceland that doesn't exist. 

They decided to create an album with songs to be stumbled upon on one’s special day: they chose names from all over the world, recorded the tracks at home with the help of donated samples from home movies and collections, lending a homely and intimate sense to the songs. This desire to make the tracks feel like a memory, for the listener to be engulfed by the sensation, made for a wonderful album, released, of course, on a grand birthday – the birthday of Iceland.

Artwork by Lara Hawthorne

Artwork by Lara Hawthorne



"Sono frammenti di memorie irreali raccontate con un lessico semplice di grande immediatezza, una raccolta di fiabesche visioni sonore pervase dalla magia di quella morbida luce nebbiosa che avvolge spesso i paesaggi del nord."

- SoWhat (ITL)

"It’s raining as the album begins ~ not a good start for most birthdays.  But then the pleasant piano begins to play, as one might expect from piano and coffee records. [...] One hears echoes of other Icelandic artists here, most notably amiina and múm." 

- A Closer Listen (USA)