Santa García

Santa García is a musician based in Lima, Perú. He is inspired by new wave music and melodic compositions leaded by guitars. His songs are a rediscovery of his identity and a way of reflexing on his own experiences. In 2017, he will publish his first release, an EP that plays between nostalgia and anxiety.


L.O.U.D. is a project by Swedish musician and writer Amanda Nordqvist. Music has always been an essential part of her life, starting in her early childhood when she would sing in choirs and play her grandmother’s piano, but the thought of producing her own music never really crossed her mind. Only in the recent year she started recording covers, and thus was introduced to a Peruvian producer, which led to a collaboration that sparked her interest in writing her own music. Stemming from a desire to change a negative into a positive, Amanda took what she has been called her entire life and made it her alias – L.O.U.D.