Eighteen Women

A project by Cheyenne Varner (coming soon).

Illustration by Annalise Jensen

Illustration by Annalise Jensen


You pass her on the street. You see her on the bus, in the bank, at the grocery store. Maybe you’re drawn to her. Maybe you’re too distracted, hardly looking up from the screen in your hand. What if you could know just a moment's worth of who she is? The night she shared a chocolate with a neighbor. The day her own reflection unexpectedly delighted her. The warm, aching laughter she laughs, when she talks about her quarter-life crisis.

The prose in this collection illuminates the lives of eighteen women of color, who often go unseen, or worse yet, white-washed. Her skin is brown. Her hair has twists. Her legacy is strong and her life is happening now. Who is she? Her name is…