An art/music/video collaborative project between artist Anna Salzmann and pianist/composer Garreth Broke


The December EP is the second of a project of four EPs from British composer and pianist Garreth Broke. The project takes place over twelve months and was inspired by The River by artist Alessando Sanna, which portrays in vivid watercolour the Po river delta through the changing seasons. 

After the autumnal September EP, which A Closer Listen described as "the perfect welcome to the new season", the December EP is inspired by the changing landscape of the countryside in winter - the crunch of feet through fresh snow, the silence as frost falls, cold empty churches and brisk walks bundled up in thick wooly coats and scarves beneath clear blue skies. The EP utilises a wider soundpallet than previous work, incorporating field recordings, a woodwind quartet, and a drone organ as well as the piano.

The EP is another collaboration between Garreth Broke and his artist partner Anna Salzmann, who created more than 30 watercolour and ink miniatures in response to the music. The miniatures and the music have been stitched together into a video which will be released for a few days before vanishing, never to be seen again.


The EP arrives 1st December, released on the acclaimed modern classical label 1631 Recordings.