Creators from around the globe working together to bring the best artistic projects into existence.

Amanda Nordqvist (Sweden)

Amanda has been part of the piano and coffee family since the beginning and is one of our key members. She writes poetry, composes music, and is in charge of our team of writers. 

Ana Monteiro (Portugal)

Ana is a Lisbon-based photographer and filmmaker who loves traveling and watching movies. As a piano and coffee artist she has directed two music videos: one for Moderna Records and one for Empty Fields Recordings. She is currently working on her first big project: Sonder.

Björk Óskarsdóttir (Iceland)

Björk is a violinist and one of the writers for our blog. Her longer term projects as a violinist include tours and recodings with Ólafur Arnalds and Manos Milonakis. She holds a MA in Art, Law and Economy.

Jolien van der Beek (Netherlands) 

Jolien is a visual artist and one of our youngest teammates. She enjoys being surrounded by nature and taking potographs. Even though she has been part of our family for just a few months, she has already directed, in a very professional way, one of our biggest projects so far: the music video for Ceeys' Rueber.

Rita Silva (Portugal)

Rita is a versatile artist based in Porto whose work is mainly inspired by nature, literature and human emotions. She has collaborated in many piano and coffee projects by doing photography, illustration, design, film and animation. 

Sergio Díaz De Rojas (Peru) 

Sergio is the founder and creative director of piano and coffee, and a full-time musician. He plays the piano, composes music, and collects vinyls and tapes. 


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