Brus by Vargkvint by Sergio Díaz De Rojas

By Amanda Nordqvist

Vargkvint’s EP was first released in 2016, it was by her own hand in all ways possible – Sofia Nystrand, from Stockholm, Sweden, did everything from write, mix, master and design the cover art for Brus, and it shines through in the authenticity of her music – it is hers and hers alone. Delicately raw and mainly instrumental, the re-release of Brus, managed by French label Soft Recordings, is an expansion of her debut and lifts the EP to another level.

Honest, genuine accounts of her Nordic world can be found throughout her music, and she portrays the perfect example of the slightly unsettling ancient folklore Sweden has to offer. Midsommar is a chilling experience, matching the rain that pounds on my window – as I write, it is Midsummer’s Eve, the sun is meant to be shining and summer is to be celebrated. Sofia seems to have foreshadowed this exact moment, as the piece unnervingly narrates the gloomy, disheartening joke that is the Swedish summer.

Innocent but not to be trusted completely, Vargkvint’s music is soft and beautiful on the surface but something darker lingers beneath, and her harmonies are as intriguing as they are eerie. Minimalistic with surprising elements of unexpected instrumental decisions, Brus is a phenomenal piece of art that gave me a whole new appreciation for my Nordic home. 

You can buy/stream Brus on Bandcamp and Spotify, and keep up with Sofia's work on Facebook.