Upright Vol. 1 by Sergio Díaz De Rojas

By Amanda Nordqvist


One of our recurring favorites – featured several times here at Piano & Coffee – recently returned with a brand new project, which truly speaks to the heart and soul of all the things we stand for. Upright Vol. 1, created and curated by British pianist and composer Garreth Brooke, is a flawless selection of sheet music for the very best contemporary solo piano music out there. Overflowing with pieces composed and transcribed by a variation of artists (quite a few that we’re well acquainted with), freely given by the composers and carefully edited to perfection, the PDF is a gold mine for glorious music from all around the world – and is available for free.

In an interview with pianodao.com, Brooke said, “The seed of it was my own curiosity – I heard Sergio’s piece Istanbul and I was totally intrigued by it.” Stemming from a desire to play the pieces he found most beautiful, Brooke decided to reach out to the composers of some of his favorite scores and quickly ended up with a rather large collection of them – ultimately leading to the idea of turning the collection into a book of sheet music. The first edition of Upright has 12 different pieces by 12 different artists, including Michael Price, Daigo Hanada, Matt Stewart-Evans, Sergio Díaz De Rojas and Simeon Walker; for every piece, there is a short introductory description of the composer and their composition, followed by the beautifully calibrated sheet music.


The selection can be purchased from as little as £0.00 up to any amount the buyer feels appropriate, and any profit made is going straight to Music for Relief: a charity providing immediate support to people who have had to endure a natural disaster or humanitarian crisis. In spite of the whole project being a non-profit, Brooke made sure to keep the PDF of a high quality, spending a lot of time making the sheet music look, sound and feel just right. With pieces varying in level of difficulty and style, the first edition of Upright is truly a grand beginning; and though the releases will be irregular, there are plans for a second edition to be published, hopefully before the end of 2018.

So for any piano teachers out there, looking for something fun and modern to surprise their students with – or for the piano players longing for a deep dive into the amazing contemporary piano music we have the pleasure of surrounding ourselves with – head on over to bandcamp, where you can get your hands on Upright Volume 1.