Erlebnis by Unsichtbar by Sergio Díaz De Rojas

By Amanda Nordqvist

Artwork by Gertjan Decock and Lore Deuninck

Artwork by Gertjan Decock and Lore Deuninck

A project sprung from a desire to create without over-thinking, Erlebnis is the captivating debut album of Unsichtbar, released through ACR on November 20th, and it’s an album that invites you to listen deeply without searching for explanations – simply enjoy the movement, the textures, and hear it for what it is. Starting off with Ouvertüre the listener is instantly told of what to expect – the experimental, distorted screeching tells of a new, slightly twisted side to the alter ego. The track is followed shortly by Tokio, and I fall deeper into this universe of quiet, uncomplicated enjoyment, as the track reminds me of all the things that come to us absentmindedly; I’m tapped into someone else’s dream, a hauntingly ethereal new reality, and I’m watching from far away. There is such beauty in the unveiled turmoil, and the track breathes in and out so slowly, the thought of waking up is wholly unappealing.

The following track, Mensch, is a collaboration with composer and pianist Sergio Diaz De Rojas, and it shows a mesmerizing distinction between the soft and the rough – the steady, mature rhythmic of the piano is introduced early, contrasted by the sawing that seems childlike at first, curious and explorative, soon growing into a relentless eruption of disorder, taunting the innocent, untainted loyalty of the piano, and relishing in its own freedom to roam. Junges Liebespaar begins almost like the aftermath of its predecessor, slowly progressing into a forlorn outburst of emotion, turning into a poignant tale of what once was, or what could, at one point, have been.

Das Meer instills a sense of floating, telling of the sound the light would make, illuminating the thousands of particles in the air around us, if we could only hear it. The track is lightly treading, slowly fading in and out, moving like the water does. It’s followed by another collaboration, this one with ambient music producer Lee Yi, as An der Zeit ertrinken introduces us to a deeper void, with protruding nuances and quick movement, soaring in and out through different sensations, like a whirlwind of noise and grit.

As the album is starting to come to its end, it does a complete turn-around with Nach dem Sturm, a gentler track that inspires a solemn hope, and ends on the absolutely intriguing Nachspiel – a track that at first glance is playful and light-hearted, but listen closer and it starts to ooze of curious guile, fronting with youthful innocence quickly turning into something bigger, something untrustworthy, but utterly irresistible. It’s a fully memorable ending to this experience that Erlebnis truly is, to listen to something and know that whatever it makes you feel is right, as there are no wrongs – no hidden messages, no secrets or stories, just an album and yet... so much more than just an album. 

Picture by Lore Deuninck

Picture by Lore Deuninck


Premiere: Unsichtbar uncovers music video for Willkommen im Paradies by Sergio Díaz De Rojas

There's not much to say about this musician who appeared out of the blue with Jugend, his debut EP. Nobody knows his name and nobody has seen his face. The only certainties about this musician are two ambient, experimental pieces made with seven different textures coming from the same piano, and an electronic track made for an audiovisual project. Eight minutes of music seem to have been enough for Unsichtbar to catch the attention of other neo-classical and ambient composers.

Some weeks ago, he contacted Piano & Coffee with the intention of making a music video for Willkommen im Paradies, the first track from Jugend, and it was our artist Sergio Díaz De Rojas who took the lead on the project. Below, the result.

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