The Greatest Hoax

Expiration Compositions by The Greatest Hoax by Sergio Díaz De Rojas

By Camila Craig

Nine instrumental songs. Forty minutes of pure bliss and enchantment. Expiration Compositions by The Greatest Hoax begins slowly and mysteriously. Each song takes you to a parallel universe, ruled by their own melodies.

'As the Lights Dim' is daring, made of powerful, strong sounds. While 'It’s Ok' is mellow and soothing. The album is made by these contrasts. It is not as simple as that, of course, but it’s not that complicated either. 'Just Passing Through' stands out from the rest. This song is engulfing, almost intergalactic. On the other hand, 'Fading Away' has a relaxing and positive tune. It can even work as meditation music for some. The album ends with the track 'Pulling up the Sheets', which is either a hopeful whisper to the skies, or the last thoughts before going to sleep.

Expiration Composition has everything. It is hopeful and dramatic. Mellow but exciting. It displays a great diversity, well thought out by an even greater musician. 

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