Swayed Radio

Swayed Radio, a new balance by Sergio Díaz De Rojas

During the last months, a significant amount of initiatives have appeared in order to support the alternative Peruvian music industry but without forgetting about the importance of an international approach. Deforma. and Empty Fields Recordings are really good examples of this that join the already established Surrounding Label and Piano & Coffee Co.

Today, a new initiative has arrived. Its name is Swayed Radio and proposes a balance between music, art, culture and technology. Its founder, Diego Meneses, understands the importance of electronic music nowadays and has created a space for it in the middle of an industry that doesn't seem to care.

Every Sunday at midday you can listen to their live shows at Mixlr featuring the best of ambient and electronic music from Peru and the world. And, if you were too busy and couldn't tune in or just want to listen to the shows again, you can find them at MixCloud.

P&C + Swayed Radio

Soon, each show will have a section dedicated to neo-classical artists curated by our very own Sergio Díaz De Rojas. The idea is to generate a new space for contemporary classical music while showing the similarities these three musical genres share.

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