Golden Boy by Superblocks by Sergio Díaz De Rojas

By Amanda Nordqvist

My first encounter with Barcelona-based César Sangay Torres, the musician behind Superblocks, allowed for a thrilling dive into an expressive, intensely visual musical experience. “Golden Boy” was released earlier this year and, brimming with excitement, starts off with the softly playful Buda, introducing gentle vocals, bubbly beats and promising lyrics. 

The second track seemingly explodes out of nowhere, jolting the listener awake, but after my initial shock subsided I was able to enjoy it immensely – People And Streets is a telltale sign of César’s experience in creating music that requires a distinct visual effect, and it was a pleasure to simply sit back, close my eyes, and allow the music to tell its own story. Combining the perfectly weighed dynamics and what appears to be a shared love for well-placed breaks, this is a track that will definitely stay with me for a long time.

Promise Land continues on the same sort of rough, scratchy theme, but is followed by the title track, which offers a pleasant break from the hard beats and metallic sounds, and again, César’s experience with composing for short films and theatre shines through completely. Daughter offers yet another new dimension to César, scaling back almost completely and exposing a sweet, innocent sound, only to be followed up by the wildly experimental Artefacts. The LP is finished off with two lovely, highly emotional pieces, Aleph quickly becoming another favourite of mine.

The theme of the LP seems to be that there really is no apparent theme, but it works rather well as a means of establishing the many sides to the musician. César is clearly experimenting with new sounds and expressions and is certainly on his way to something magical – and I, for one, know who to turn to if ever I find myself with a need for a film score.

You can listen to Golden Boy on Bandcamp.