P&C interview: Odina by Sergio Díaz De Rojas

By Camila Craig

Taken by Hannah Mae Clark

Taken by Hannah Mae Clark

The lovely Odina is a Catalán singer and composer, who has recently become one of the most appealing voices of the independent folk scene in London. After the release of her most intimate EP, Broken, the artist has gained popularity among her British peers and followers of the new musical movement. Piano and Coffee Co. had the opportunity to talk to her in the middle of a very exciting period in her career:

Can you tell P&C a little bit about yourself? Where do you come from, how and when did you start in the music industry?

I'm from Barcelona but I moved to London a few years ago - last summer I released this EP called Broken and I guess that's where it all started for my music. I had been playing music for years before that though.

Have your travels affected your artistic development in any way?

I guess it has, I always write songs about personal things that happen to me, but I bet the environment where you live also affects that a lot. Also being surrounded by so much music here in London is very inspiring and I think that also affects the way I make music.

What are your artistic references or sources of inspiration when composing?

Sources of inspiration I guess are just things that happen to me or to my close friends, I use writing as a sort of therapy to get over things that aren't easy to get through. Writing those situations in a song really helps me.

Let’s talk about Broken: How was it conceived? How intimately did you engage with the production of your last EP? 

The songs in Broken were a collection of songs I had written for the past year that I was particularly proud of, and that I thought fitted well together. When I produced the songs I guess for me the most important thing was to let the emotion behind each track shine above everything else in the track. Sometimes that meant getting rid of stuff in terms of instrumentation, so that what was there was what needed to be there and nothing more. 

Finally, what can we expect from Odina? Do you have any projects you’re working on?

My new single 'Why'd You Make Me Cry' has just come out which is exciting. Also, I'm currently working on writing and recording some new music that I hopefully will be able to share in the near future as well.


Lots of things are happening for the young composer, who bravely left her home country in order to accomplish her artistic goals. Odina is a woman of enormous potential. Her music reflects the most fragile moments of her experience with exile. Her songs are extremely intimate, and will produce melancholy and nostalgia even in her most resolved listeners. Nonetheless, she is eager to see where life takes her, and is open to all the growth and positivity her new home brings her.