Jamison Isaak

EP1 by Jamison Isaak by Sergio Díaz De Rojas

By Aubrey Woodward

Jamison Isaak EP1 Packshot.jpg

Listening to Jamison Isaak's EP1 is like finding out your feelings are being returned by a lover. The soft ambient atmosphere it creates around the listener is enough to settle your heart and lift your spirits. He has been creating music since 2010 under a variety of names, such as Teen Daze, Pacific Coliseum, and Two Bicycles. Through this medium he has collected a wide fanbase.

EP1 is a neoclassical album, made for piano and pedal steel guitar. The ambient album is Jamison's first release under his own name; it tugs at your heart, and then soothes it. Consisting of four tracks, this serene album keeps the listener low. That doesn't mean it’s boring – if anything, it keeps the listener involved with the music. I found myself unable to even look away from the streaming screen.

The album starts with Sharalee, a quiet track that builds and falls steadily, before ending with a beautiful ambient trail. While the feeling is somewhat somber, it doesn't let the listener down. With hopeful undertones, you're left feeling as if everything is alright. The remaining three tracks do something similar. Upstairs is next, and already this track is stronger than the first. There is no build-up – Jamison gets straight to business. This is unsurprising. At just over two minutes, Upstairs is the shortest track on the album, leaving nowhere to go but up. A simple track, it keeps the feeling of the album steady.

The third track is Wind and this is where the album slows down. It isn't a bad track, just seemingly a slower one on an already very peaceful album. It's followed by More, the longest track on the album, and the final burst of intimacy before the end. It leaves the listener somehow satisfied but, at the same time, wanting more.

EP1 is available across streaming platforms through Jamison's own label, FLORA.