Ian Hagwood

光 by Ian Hagwood by Sergio Díaz De Rojas

By Blake Parker


‘光’ by Ian Hagwood is a patient, contemplative work of art. After over six years of musical hiatus, Hagwood has returned with gorgeous, lush textures that draw the listener into a world he has created. At times purely nostalgic and carefree, at others darkly pensive and even oddly upsetting, the album is crafted masterfully across the nine tracks to form a deep, complex emotional landscape.

‘光’ was written and recorded on the very piano Hagwood knew from his childhood, which may offer some explanation for the wistful and gently playful themes in the album’s composition. Hours of music were recorded onto reel-to-reel tapes, and carefully deliberate selections were made from these to appear on the album. Both the medium of recording and the creative process of amassing excess, then trimming down, result in distinct characteristics of sound within ‘光’. The warmth and even occasional pitch-modulation or echo effect can be heard sporadically from the reels, and the meandering both melodically and in arrangement – sometimes including wisps of synthesizer pads behind the piano, other times amorphous elements of audio tonal and not – give the feeling that the listener is offered a limited, but dramatically vulnerable, window into Hagwood’s own adolescence with each track.

The album was released in June of this year on Eilean Records, and a special vinyl edition designed by Rutger Zuydervelt includes 90 minutes of additional audio from the countless reels of music not featured on the album’s nine tracks. Whether in need of respite from life’s jaded, sharp negatives; desiring to escape to one’s own childhood memories for a short time; or simply seeking a beautiful collection of “auditory minimalism” as Hagwood himself puts it: the music of ‘光’ will captivate, relax, and allow creativity and contemplation to flow freely within any listener.