Giulio Fagiolini

Dietro a un vetro by Giulio Fagiolini by Sergio Díaz De Rojas

By Aubrey Woodward

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On August 15th, 2017, Giulio Fagiolini released his debut album Dietro a un vetro, meaning ‘through glass’. Fagiolini is a pianist from Italy, specializing in minimalist, ambient music.

As a person with bipolar disorder, there is a lot going through my head all the time. I find it difficult to relax and used to have to put on ambient noise just to concentrate in order to get anything done. I had no trouble at all concentrating while writing to this album. The sense of innocence it invokes is both calming and authentic. It’s transformative, turning rigidness into flexibility and clearing an uncertain mind into something more capable of tangible thought.

The delicate technique that Fagiolini employs is both skilled and beautiful, while maintaining a simplistic sound. The entire album is a very well-rounded body of work, no track seems to be lacking despite the minimalist characteristics of the songs. In fact, the minimalistic aspect only adds to the mood of the music. The compositions lead the listener away from everyday life, removing them from this harsh reality and setting them down gently within one of peace.

Through a minimalist technique and emotional output, Fagiolini weaves a safety web around the listener, blanketing them with a sense of tranquility through music. It is a vivid, evocative body of work and an incredible first album. I can’t wait to hear more from him.

Stream and download Dietro a un vetro on Bandcamp and keep up with Giulio's work on Facebook.