Fins Ara

Veer by Fins Ara by Sergio Díaz De Rojas

By Camila Craig

Veer is melancholic. A truthful lament sang by Fins Ara as the first of three tracks that compose his debut EP: A Love, Elusive. This compilation is not only promising but compelling. Fins Ara’s voice takes the listener to a parallel dimension, ruled by romantic sorrow and emotional engagement. Everybody is able to relate to his music, as it deals with the fragility of love and being loved. The artist will reveal each of the tracks in a distinct season, to ease his listeners into his music.

“Fins Ara” literally translates from Catalan to “see you now.” However, Catalonians use this expression to say “see you in a bit.” Sergi, who’s now 22 years old, adopted this expression from his mother tongue due to the confusion it caused among the non-natives. Originally from Barcelona but having moved around quite a bit, Sergi considers himself both Catalonian and Andorran. Currently, he lives in London and studies Songwriting in the Institute Of Contemporary Music Performance.

Sergi started playing the drums when he was 9 years old, but a few years later he picked up a guitar and started composing. “I've tried writing in my native language but the music I have always listened to is in English and that's how it comes for me”, Sergi confesses. Naturally, carried away by Bon Iver’s falsetto and Daughter’s soothing melodies, Sergi rediscovered his voice not so long ago. He finds it comfortable, even natural to sing and write this way. When doing so, he is not only influenced by other musicians such as Ben Howard, S. Carey, Ólafur Arnalds and The Beatles, but also by books and other forms of visual art.

A Love, Elusive is a portrayal of love, and mysteries it conveys. Each track is an impression, a blurry fingerprint, a disposable photograph of a ticklish relationship. Fins Ara tries to explain his work with the following words: “There's a quality to love that is almost an illusion, you can't pinpoint it, can't grasp it (…) Veer relates to a moment when a relationship is not stable but of course, you still love each other. So there's this weird thing where love pulls you in, but at the same time pushes you out and you don't know what to do. I find this so strange and awesome.”

More than a groundbreaking release, A Love, Elusive paves Sergi’s way to the public’s ears and presents Fins Ara as a growing artist who is mainly compromised with the quality of his music. He humbly admits to know what he wants, even though his career is only starting: “The point here is to make them (the listeners) feel that 'wow' feeling I get when listening to the artists I love. It's all about that split moment when you're really aware of what you're listening to and what you're doing. It's a moment printed in your memory. I think that's the whole point of art, to make you fully aware for a few seconds. That spell is magical.”

Veer is one of those songs that freezes time, gives you chills, and provides a name to that magic spell. Fins Ara is young, bold, and a promising musician with a bright future ahead. There is no doubt that the following tracks will be as fascinating and engulfing as the first one.