Down to the Sadness River by Emilía by Sergio Díaz De Rojas

By Blake Parker

Hailing from Rottenman Editions, Emilía has just released the ten-track album Down to the Sadness River.

This album is a lush soundscape bursting with emotion and storytelling. The band, comprised of Lee Yi and Meneh Peh, has two releases prior to this – though Down to the Sadness River has the most potent narrative of freedom and adventurous spirit of them all. The short, episodic tracks run fleetingly past, mirroring the nostalgia and cinematic imagery they create in the mind of the listener; a pairing perfectly in sync. Much of the album recalls summertime adventures and the subtleties of childhood and occupying a world that can’t yet fully be understood, but can still be fully experienced.

Down to the Sadness River is a collection of recordings by the duo, played on piano and bowed guitar. The album art accompanying the songs is original artwork and photography by Peh, while the sound design and mixing are the work of Yi. Together, they accomplishes something in Down to the Sadness River which is at the same time ineffable and totally familiar. All while paying respect to an important individual in both bandmates’ lives; this album is a powerhouse of atmospheres, emotional auras, nuanced musicianship, and trans-medial artistic creation. 

Limited edition CD is available on Rottenman Editions' Bandcamp.