Berry Farm Crops

Fresh Finds #1 by Sergio Díaz De Rojas

By Sergio Díaz De Rojas


Recently, I came across some beautiful ambient and neo-classical pieces composed by emerging artists that I consider worth sharing. Here at Piano & Coffee, we want to give these artists and their works the space and recognition they deserve. That's why we have decided to create monthly playlists and articles featuring our fresh finds.

Our first playlist begins with a minimalistic piano and cello piece by Leo Eltes, aka #7d7791 (hex-colour), a nineteen-year-old musician from Sweden. Berry Farm Crops follows him with his piece 'For Gabby', a tribute to a friend of him who passed away. Then, 'Surround' begins playing with the beautiful piano and pads of Nadav Cohen, a film composer from Australia, accompanied by a really nice beat. After it, Centri and Aedur portray their friendship with a captivating improvisation. Finally, 'Soulless' by Niall Michael Joseph Gahagan, aka BELORUSIA, a musician and designer living in Berlin.

We highly recommend these five pieces and can't wait to hear more of these young composers.