Q3Ambientfest 2018 / by Sergio Díaz De Rojas

By Amanda Nordqvist


After an immensely successful first edition in 2017, Q3Ambientfest is back again this year, and to those of you that are in the neighborhood – grab a ticket to Potsdam, and spend the 13th to the 15th of April at Fabrik Potsdam, enjoying an expertly curated program of several highly talented and modern artists. The event is centered on the assorted architecture of Potsdam, and with musicians from all over the world and labels such as Moderna Records, 1631 Recordings and Sonic Pieces, this year’s edition is sure to be a knock-out.

Q3Ambientfest got its name from an abbreviation of “Querwandbau”, the German word for cross-wall construction, an essential part of Potsdam architecture and thus an equally essential part of the festival. The founders of Q3A, the ingenious CEEYS, Sebastian and Daniel Selke, partnered up with Dutch music initiative Fluister and Berlin-based concert series Modellbahn Music to make reality of this blend of avant-garde and pop. The brother-duo will bring their uniquely textured sound to the festival – a minimalistic conversation between Sebastian’s poignant cello and Daniel’s candid piano, a gripping exchange between two versions of the same soul, each telling their side of a million stories.

Alongside CEEYS on the line-up, we find acts such as the magnificent Lisa Morgenstern, the German/Bulgarian pianist whose emotion and fearless sincerity make for unforgettable music, with orchestral influences and an unmistakable elegance to her sound. The accomplished Hania Rani will be playing her renowned music at the festival, sharing the founders’ passion for blending styles and genres – her modern classical music has an interchangeable sense to it; it flows and grows and becomes something new with every listen, moving freely, it seems, through time and space. The phenomenal Jakob Lindhagen & Vargkvint will also be performing, showcasing their highly inventive, eerily intimate music, creating an intoxicating atmosphere with the use of unconventional instruments such as saw and accordion.

The 2018 edition of Q3Ambientfest is likely to be an even greater success than its debut, and I strongly urge all of you who have the chance, to grab a ticket at Fabrik Potsdam and get ready for an extraordinary festival.

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