Other Lines by Olivia Belli / by Sergio Díaz De Rojas

By Aubrey Woodward


Olivia Belli's Other Lines is her first published EP as a composer, despite composing from a young age. It stands out as a reflection of her admiration for Italian poet Eugenio Montale – she focused on his poems for a year after feeling an intense connection to his work. Belli says, 'I have always been passionate about this outstanding Italian poet: his lines, from which I chose the titles, talk about the landscape that surrounds me, the sea, the countryside, the Italian summers… I may recognize myself in his poems, especially for his particular sense and intimacy almost feminine.'

Other Lines is a poem in itself. The four tracks it includes are perfectly connected and yet somehow separate. The piano compositions are beautiful, almost transcendent with the way they make you feel. The album starts with From your garden, a quiet reflection piece. It is wistful, yet joyful. The listener is left captivated. She leads from this to the second track, The secret sting, a somewhat haunting piece. Like the first track, it is a reflection but it is not a joyful one. It is the standout track from the EP, fueling the listener's emotions but culling them as well. The composition is flawless; it leads you along but doesn't fail to surprise.

The remaining two tracks do the same thing. Belli's composition is simple, yet refined. She keeps the listener on their toes, seemingly settling down and then building her sound back up again. She does this with flawless technique and a carefully curated ear. Her work is like being a part of a poem, echoing her admiration for Eugenio Montale.

Belli has plans to present her completed album in October 2018. You can stream Other Lines on her Bandcamp and Spotify.