Quarto Tempo by Roberto Cacciapaglia / by Sergio Díaz De Rojas

By Blake Parker

Quarto Tempo Deluxe.jpg

The 10th Anniversary release of Quarto Tempo by Roberto Cacciapaglia is immediately massive and gripping, just as the original release of the album was. However, in this 10th anniversary release, there is a distinct sense of fullness not present in the original release.  The commanding piano which leads each piece is ever-present, and the clean, rhythmic hums of electronic pianos chatter in the background of many of the pieces just as in their original release. And indeed, the Royal Philharmonic orchestral strings soar across their tracks with just the same effervescence. However, what was originally released as a 12 track album, with some tracks repeated in different versions, has evolved into a daunting 24 piece installment. 11 of these 24 tracks are piano solos, contrasting their full arrangement versions, but even with this distinction, the growth of such a project is remarkable.

When comparing tracks side by side with their ten-year-old counterparts, variance may be shrouded and difficult to uncover. This 10th anniversary release was recorded with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and was mastered in Abbey Road Studios, making for expectations of stark improvements in audio quality. And the recent deluxe edition does not disappoint. Particularly in the piano solo versions, the mastering efforts shine brightly as the piano arrangements take center stage. Every intricate detail of the piano itself can be felt dramatically in the solo versions, from the pumping of the sustain pedal upon each chord change, to the ephemeral harmonic frequencies that ring out as the last note is held at the end of a piece.

Cacciapaglia had accomplished an amazing work of art when he first released Quarto Tempo in 2007; now in late 2017 and well into 2018 fans can relish in the same songs which have been filled with new breath and life, as well as explore an additional track , The Boy Who Dreamed in Aeroplanes, not present on the original release. With his masterful command of the piano composition, Cacciapaglia has offered even further soundscapes into which listeners can dive and explore. Every moment of this 10th anniversary release is worth a careful ear, especially to those with an interest in music production and mastering who may find this album particularly inspiring to them. But even for those with a less technical taste for music, it is undeniable that Cacciapaglia ’s Quarto Tempo 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition can sweep them off their feet and into worlds both dreamy and invigorating.