Premiere: Carry me slowly by Jameson Nathan Jones / by Sergio Díaz De Rojas

By Amanda Nordqvist


Though he has previously released works that blend neo-classical piano with emotive strings and gently experimental electronica, Mississippi-based musician Jameson Nathan Jones is soon to be releasing an album focusing solely on the piano, where he set out to base each piece of the album around a one-take improvised idea. We here at Piano & Coffee are no strangers to Jones’ talent both in the electronic and acoustic genre, and could not be more delighted to get to premiere the first single off his coming album.

Showing clearly the simultaneous strength and dignified vulnerability of the piano, Carry Me Slowly begins gently, a deep breath perfectly initializing this slow descent into dreams, so organically fitting the sounds of waves like white noise, not even really in the background but ever present alongside the lovable clunks and clicks of the piano. Unhurried, the equally organic melody explores its way across the piano, like absentminded musings in a diary, measured and deliberate.

It’s not sadness that I’m feeling, more a solemnity, spreading like warmth across my chest as the piece takes off, grows suddenly in grandeur and then falls back again, as if having caught itself off guard. I am awakened back into bright reality with another deep breath, lending the illusion that maybe all this happened in a matter of seconds – a world unfolding in the short space between two breaths, like a dream that seemed infinite but lasted only moments. I am almost surprised to find that I am, in fact, not sitting right next to Jones and his piano, as for a few moments I truly felt I could have reached out and felt the tremors of the notes as they resonated all around me.

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