Premiere: Illuminine unveils video for Dualisms #2 (Studnitzky rework) / by Sergio Díaz De Rojas

By Amanda Nordqvist

Soon to be released, #2 Reworks is a collection of several artists’ reworks of the Belgian artist Illuminine’s album #2, and as true believers in collaboration, we here at Piano & Coffee Co. couldn’t be more thrilled to see the release of an album celebrating the magic that inevitably comes from helping each other out. The first single off the album, Dualisms #2, re-interpreted by Studnitzky, is accompanied by a hauntingly beautiful video made by Melina Rathjen, filmed entirely on Iceland.

The video is a compilation of clips from nature, where the ocean – just as in the video for the original track – seems to have the main role. Birds soar in slow-motion, chirping in the background, as soft techno beats blend with the gentle, ambient neo-classical of Illuminine. The chugging up-tempo lends an intriguing feel to the otherwise striking melancholy of Dualisms #2 and creates a beautiful mix of soft and rough, as mirrored in the video – the rough of sharp rocks; the softness of ocean waves rolling gently across even the most jagged of surfaces. Two sides in perfect harmony, portrayed even more clearly as industrial clips are thrown in, alongside a slightly more aggressive sound, breaking the natural surroundings without actually changing the mood.

A perfect example of how new sides to any artwork can provoke new thoughts and emotions, Dualisms #2 has our expectations high for the coming album, and we can’t wait for its release – but until then, this Studnitzky rework will be playing on repeat.