We Share Phenomena by Lambert x Dekker / by Sergio Díaz De Rojas

By Blake Parker


We Share Phenomena by Lambert x Dekker at first strikes as simple but evocative, playful though often with more somber meanings hidden beneath. Vocal doubling, abstract percussive elements, and semi-pitch singing movements inspire almost haunted undertones over a driving musical palette. All the while, each artist stays true to their own style though the mixture produces something unique and enticing.

Many tracks from the very beginning appropriately give a feeling of being pulled or forced forward in a bleak but beautiful musical atmosphere. Throughout, the style of timing which becomes characteristic of the album is first heard – where the phrasing of musical ideas across bars is not the standard 4/4, and has the feeling of run-on sentences or the sensation of talking to oneself. Here, and lyrically elsewhere, darker themes begin to pervade the subconscious of the listener. While these themes never overpower the cold beauty of the music, they are a near constant in the album and add a wonderful layer to the sound.

We Share Phenomena is an interesting album in its ability to skirt between the sound of popular and classical genres with similar instrumentation. This continuity within the album’s sound is only more impressive when taking into account that the two musicians have never spent a moment of time in the same studio space. Lambert met Dekker as a part of Rue Royal, for which he was an opening act many years ago; since, the two have traded musical ideas digitally and have thus produced an album purely of blind creativity. What a success for such a vulnerable method to be employed between two artists and end with a beautiful yet chilling album.