Artist spotlight: Luca Longobardi / by Sergio Díaz De Rojas

By Sergio Díaz De Rojas

Ph: Alessandro Cantarini  

Ph: Alessandro Cantarini  

Earlier this year, Sonorospace (previously Ónority Music) shared the work of Italian composer Luca Longobardi, who was just beginning his 100 Days Project, which consisted of improvising a short piano piece, not longer than a minute, every day for one hundred days, and that is how I came across with Longobardi’s work. During the following months, he would release two short projects - Residue and 3 soundscapes in C - that would make me fall in love with his music.

Residue contains three different versions of the same piece, a piece that didn’t end up being included on his upcoming record and that represents his creative process and his versatility when composing and arranging. 3 soundscapes in C includes three pieces that saw the light in the middle of a hot Roman summer. The Lake, the opening track, is one of the most beautiful piano pieces I have listened to lately.   

At the end of August, Luca finished his 100 Days Project, an admirable demonstration of perseverance, and announced a limited cassette edition of it, which you can get on Bandcamp. A week later, his track Autumna was released as part of Bigo & Twigetti's fourth and final album in their seasonal series which started in 2014. And, only some days ago, he announced Plume, his very first work on vinyl, alongside the title track, to be released on October 16th.


Longobardi’s works seem to be spontaneous, based on everyday-life situations that give the impression of being very simple but that hold deep feelings and thoughts, and the more you immerse yourself in them the more familiar they become, and will fill you with nostalgia for places and people you don't know.

Keep up with Luca's work on Facebook, Spotify, Bandcamp, and SoundCloud.