Points of Decay by Theo Alexander / by Sergio Díaz De Rojas

By Tilsa Llerena

Music has magic. It gives us the possibility to reach beautiful and distant places, feelings and emotions that are usually removed from us, almost involuntarily. So here we are now, floating in the hands of the English Theo Alexander who takes us to a fantastic world of landscapes, textures, and melancholy, telling a beautiful story from beginning to end.

Points of Decay is one of those albums where music goes beyond the studio recordings, to continue in production work – where the effects, distortions, and the way the sound was managed are like other musicians who play along with Theo and build each piece of this album.

Alexander plays with sound; the extracts of recordings in "Dying", voices appearing in "Please Forget" and "Waiting for you to die", and the beautiful simplicity of "Twice, get out” remind us of the great Daniel Johnston and his free and unprejudiced way to play with music. In "Improvisation (February 3)" Alexander doesn’t hesitate to show his virtue on the piano, but the most interesting thing is that virtuosity is not a priority at all. Break violently the sound of the piano, distort it to obtain different textures with such delicacy that they don’t lose their smoothness. Alexander prioritizes the search from an honest place and achieves it.

Points of Decay is definitely an album to listen carefully to – take a moment to appreciate and not miss any detail because details are what make up the beauty of this album.

Theo's latest work is available on Bandcamp. Follow him on SoundCloud and Facebook for updates!