Premiere: Bohemia by Danny Mulhern / by Sergio Díaz De Rojas

By Amanda Nordqvist

In an excellent showcase of his talents in writing scores for film and TV, London-based Danny Mulhern recently released Metanoia, an EP that is positively boiling with unhurried sentiment and grandeur. Accompanying one of the pieces are arcane scenes in black and white that set an eerie backdrop – but the pure, nostalgic tones of Bohemia immediately redeem one’s initial sense of dismay, and instead establishes a welcome but heart wrenching feeling of love and loss. The piece goes so well together with the video that it’s hard to say which came first, and as we are allowed glimpses into blissful childhood memories, Bohemia narrates the story – a story of familial devotion, as well as the inevitable loss of innocence. 

Stream and download Metanoia on 1631 Recordings' Bandcamp.