INSTINCT by Wojtek Szczepanik / by Sergio Díaz De Rojas

By Blake Parker

The melodies of INSTINCT drift past in the same way a summer breeze moves through an open window – not demanding attention but rather adding atmospheric pleasantry to whatever may already be occurring. The music in this album, made by Wojtek Szczepanik, wonderfully accompanies and enhances those activities already peaceful and simple in nature, such as brewing tea, reading an old book, or napping in late morning. However, INSTINCT as an album was constructed in no simple manner.

Far from major civilization, amid farm fields and clusters of trees, there is a historic chapel, constructed entirely of wood in the 18th century. Szczepanik chose this chapel as the recording location for the entire album, utilizing a piano with a peculiar tuning and the atmosphere of the chapel itself – the vibrations of that 300 year old wood – as an instrument no less important than the piano. Additionally, the Swedish-made piano was built in a way that favors the non-standard tuning of A-432 Hz, rather than A-440 Hz. This tuning is mathematically balanced and is said to contribute to physical and mental relaxation, calmness, and even healing.

These elements of the album, paired with the earnest and sincere composing prowess of Szczepanik, come together to form something more than just an album of music. The resulting recordings hold a musical power beyond expectation. INSTINCT may be heard by those not seeking such an impactful peace; but once realized, this peace is valuable to both those who seek it and those who do not.

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