Music video premiere: Ich bin Himmel, wenn ich den Himmel liebe / by Sergio Díaz De Rojas

By Blake Parker

The music video for Ich bin Himmel, wenn ich den Himmel liebe, taken from the collaboration between Sergio Díaz De Rojas and Seraphina Theresa, The morning Is a river, brings about lulled emotions and soft memories. The piece, visually and musically, feels like an afternoon in one’s adolescence when they were alone in the house; waiting for something or someone, not doing anything but not doing nothing either. The project evokes a kind of limbo —even a meditative state— where wandering around the house affords glimpses into little beauties otherwise unnoticed, and the act of non-doing creates in itself an internal peacefulness.

Sergio’s piano, inspired by the tentative improvisations of Seraphina on the same instrument, is full and wholly satisfying to the ear. While the chords and melodies wander back and forth with easygoing pace, one aspect stands out against many other piano pieces of this nature. The richness of low notes that move as their own line of melody is a rare treat, as all too often pianists seem to shy from the lower notes on the instrument for the purposes of melodies.

Seraphina’s visual works blend together video and photo elements in the same, simple medium. Moments of the music video may offer thoughtful atmospheric shots, while other moments focus acutely on a detail or smaller, still work. The shots in which she appears flow beautifully with the atmospheric ones, as the human form in the frame melts into the same inanimate and dreamy backgrounds.

An experiment I tried with this piece was to listen first, with my eyes closed; then watch, without audio. If the music struck me emotionally I would open my eyes to peek for a second, and if the visuals struck me similarly, I would turn the volume up for a split second. While certainly an unorthodox way to view a music video, it was a truly impactful experience that exhibited even further the beauty of this project as a collaborative work. Whatever way you may view this video, you are sure to finish with a lighter conscience and —if even slightly— more of a smile than before.