Piano Day 2017: Algorithmics / by Sergio Díaz De Rojas

Artwork by  Marin Blanc

Artwork by Marin Blanc

Moderna Records is a growing global family that promotes and supports talented artists with unique voices and compositional styles, affording each artist the chance to share their vision and gain new opportunities to collaborate with other like-minded musicians.

Algorithmics, their brand new compilation of piano pieces, is the perfect example of that. Inspired by geometry and rhythm, these eight tracks composed by artists all over the world let us enjoy piano music in a very interesting way, from the composition techniques used by each musician —Daigo Hanada's arpeggios or Levi Patel's simple progressions and melody— to their manners of treating the piano —Ed Carlsen's programming or Sebastian Morawietz' electronic elements.

Besides the previously mentioned artists, Algorithmics counts with the participation of Tambour, Tim Linghaus, Matt Emery and Danny Mulhern, and was released in celebration of Piano Day 2017.

Download and stream Algorithmicson Bandcamp.