Armando Cabba: A young artist in Paris / by Sergio Díaz De Rojas

By Camila Craig

This past Friday 3rd, Armando Cabba celebrated the opening of his gallery on 3 Rue de Vintimille, in the 9th district of Paris. The atelier opened its doors at 7pm to close friends and admirers, who timidly fluctuated in and out, marveled by Cabba’s paintings. Guests were warmly received by a beautiful hostess, glasses of champagne, apéritifs, biscuits, lively background, and the artist himself. 

Armando Cabba was born in 1990 in Montreal, Quebec. He studied painting at Concordia University and later moved to Florence, Italy in the pursuit of artistic evolution and enculturation into classical painting. Before moving to Europe, Armando was a realist-driven painter, but after studying for a few months in Italy he realized there was a conflict between the system and the way he originally worked. Independent, and always creating at his own pace, the artist began to work in his own atelier for the first time.

“That’s when I evolved into the artist I am today” Armando recounts “Artist that I never cared for or understood suddenly made sense and I grew.”

He spent most of his post-academia time in Florence, experimenting with different styles of painting and themes, and meeting new interesting people. He felt this was a very important time for his visual voice and aesthetic development, and thus doing shows and expositions were at the bottom of his priorities.

“It definitely required me to be selfish” Armando confesses humbly.

After three years living in Italy, the idea of moving to Paris started to grow, as there were times where his artistic growth was impaired by isolation and lack of cultural empathy. “Being in Florence pushed me to make that dream become a reality”, says Armando. “In a city known for its classical representative art and the students that devote themselves studying it, I was the black sheep.” Armando had visited Paris several times during his teenage years, and always found something new to fall in love within the city.

This is how we find Armando Cabba in 2017, a bright young artist whose main source of inspiration is people. Witnessing his loved ones create and experiment with art, odd Parisian characters, even other painters like Toulouse-Lautrec, Condo, or Rauschenberg. For a painter who wants to conquer the art world capitals (such as London and Berlin), moving to Paris has been a remarkable step in his journey. Indubitably, Paris has always been home to great artists of all sorts, and in Armando’s own words: “If Paris was good to Picasso and the rest of the lot, then why shouldn’t it work out for me?” 

Find him on his website and Instagram.