Opacity by Jason van Wyk / by Sergio Díaz De Rojas

By Aubrey Woodward

hn089-opacity-photo by gregory euclide - 1700x1700.jpg

Jason van Wyk’s Opacity is a strong follow-up to his previously re-released album Attachment. Like Attachment, Opacity is a post-classical album with a focus on ambient noise. Unlike his previous album, however, it is a much gentler body of work. The focus on minimalism is more apparent within it, with each track generating an influx of emotion that keeps the listener on edge.

Opening with ‘Shimmer’, the listener is drawn into a false sense of security while the intensity builds up; like boiling water, the climax approaches slowly and then all at once. It sets a solid precedent for the rest of the album. A stand out track is ‘Until Then’, which provides an odd juxtaposition between the upbeat and the melancholy. The minimalist technique stands out here, as the track is fully supported by a small, cheerful melody with an underlying haunting ambience. The evocative composition is simple without sacrificing its emotive side.

‘Weightless’, the ninth track, employs more ambient work than the other tracks. Starting slow, it begins to build up, heightening the emotional aspect of the experience and echoing a heartbeat. The intensity of this one track brings the mood of the entire album up, propelling it forward to the end.

Overall Opacity is a cohesive, enthralling body of work that connects with the listener, guiding them in and pulling them along until the very end.