P&C interview: Lumi Tuomi / by Sergio Díaz De Rojas

By Amanda Nordqvist

Mixing Scandinavian scenery with equal amounts softness and gloom, 18-year-old Lumi Tuomi from Finland manages to create stunning artwork, using a variety of mediums, that all seem to perfectly channel her love for nature. Utilizing and exploring her aptitude for photography, illustration and videography has led to an array of intriguing pieces, one being her Chrysanthemum photo series – minimalistic self portraits that range from gentle warmth to cold harshness, but always manages to emphasize the familiar delicacy of the flower.

How would you describe the art you create?  

I think I do many different things. My interests are very widely spread and I like to try new things, for I tend to get bored easily. That’s why I aim to be an “all-arounder” and play around in different mediums – however, photography feels like a good primary medium for me. My photography pretty much wraps around flowers and nature overall. We are surrounded by nature and its beauty – I would like to show and remind people of that by photographing humans and nature together.

Have you studied photography/videography/illustration?

Except completing courses of visual art in high school, I haven’t. I’ve enjoyed learning things independently, especially when it comes to videography. My future plans include studying photography though, and I’m currently applying for unis!

How were you introduced to the arts? 

Through my photographer parents – even though I didn’t always realize it. I grew up in a creative environment and was encouraged to do my own thing. I have been into drawing since young but photography came around properly about a year ago when I started taking self-portraits to use as reference for my drawings.

Can you describe your creating process for me? 

I’m not too good with set timetables, but if I’m working on a project I try to plan and organize ideas in my sketchbook and process through it. Normally when I get an idea for a shoot I just write it down and start planning who’s the model, where to shoot and when. For small projects and photoshoots I like to carry out my plans right away and that’s why I often use myself as a model. After shooting I really enjoy the editing process because of the endless possibilities for an outcome. I usually have many differently edited versions of a picture and then just choose the final one.

What or who is your biggest inspiration when creating?

Nature and other artists. There are so many great artists and seeing their work makes me feel like I want to create something as wonderful and meaningful. But when everything is blooming, in spring and summer, nature is the biggest inspiration for me. At the time it’s so beautiful outside that I just want to capture it through art.

What’s your dream project/collaboration? 

I don’t have any ultimate dream project but it would be my dream to be able to work, not only on photography, but also on video and illustration projects in the future. There are many artists speaking out on important environmental and social problems through art and I would like to do that as well – that sort of a project I would be interested in. Since I’ve only a year ago started to share my art, I haven’t had many collaboration possibilities, so I’m really looking forward to doing more collaborations in the future and getting to know other artists!

Do you have any advice for other young artists out there?

I feel like I should be the one receiving advice to be honest - but I think the best decision I made was starting to post my art online, which opened up new opportunities, and I was even able to get feedback. So I would advise other artists not to be afraid of sharing their art – that way you can find others interested in the same medium. Also it just feels good to get to share something so important to you with other people.

Lumi’s artwork can be found on her Tumblr and Instagram.