Mornings by Dreams on Board / by Sergio Díaz De Rojas

By Amanda Nordqvist

Painting ambient soundscapes brimming with colourful sentiments, Lima-based Diego Meneses Suárez released his most recent EP Mornings via his alter-ego Dreams on Board, and the five tracks (including one remix) ring with slow, steady hope and cheerful beats. Repetitive rhythms and melodies allow for an immediate transfer to dreamy sceneries where the music is so utterly a part of the atmosphere, it’s almost chilling.

Rumbling piano and optimistic bells set the tone for the EP and is delicately accompanied by an array of nat sounds, pads and beats. The snowstorm outside of my window perfectly reflects the title track – the swift wildness of the cold air at times seeming to slow down almost completely, snowflakes hanging hopefully in the air, only to soon be swept away once more. Each track of the EP is distinctly its own but still manages to follow an emotional pattern, and has therefore quickly become the soundtrack for my winter this year.