Sonidos Líquidos by Pequeño Infinito / by Sergio Díaz De Rojas

By Amanda Nordqvist

A newly formed duo from Lima, Peru, just released a softly experimental album, with an intimate sound and sweet, emotional lyrics. Pequeño Infinito is made up of Carlo Barbacci and Elisha Tokeshi, who seem to make a perfect pairing – both musicians are gifted with highly expressive voices that blend terrifically with the minimalistic plucking and intriguing dissonance that set the mood for the album.

Ranging from gently melancholic to (relatively) upbeat and flirtatious, Sonidos Líquidos is a charming debut that offers emotive vocals and exciting new sounds. The duo seems to reminisce of old loves and the album feels distinctly nostalgic, touching on both darker themes and some more hopeful sounds, and it never seems out of place. Sonidos Líquidos is perfectly aligned with the duality of the current season – the sudden darkness, the vivid colours; the approaching cold accompanying the memories of warm, sunlit afternoons. I won’t deny it – this album will likely be the primary soundtrack of my autumn this year, the impeccable Ajena on repeat as the rain, undoubtedly, comes pouring down. 

You can listen to Sonidos Líquidos on Spotify.