Chapter six: Stormen kommer II / by Sergio Díaz De Rojas

album stories 6.jpg

Whereas the first song of the album is the calm before the storm, this twin song is the storm at its peak. I have used the phrase the sea takes what it wants when occasionally translating the lyrics for an English speaking audience, and I think that perfectly describes the feeling I’m after in this song, and how insignificant the wishes of men are compared to the ocean’s.

The choir returns and is once again recorded using the voices of Jakob Lindhagen, Petter Lindhagen (who makes music as Tired Tape Machine) and Henrik Öhberg (a.k.a. Tvärvägen). Running the choir recordings through a Roland Chorus Echo with a very wet signal gave it the perfect ghostly touch I was going for. I think that having the male choir on the album truly added another dimension —both as a wonderfully sonorous but unexpected thing, as well as tying together the concept with sailors lost at sea.