Chapter five: Till havs / by Sergio Díaz De Rojas

album stories 5.jpg

This song is a mirrored version of Drivved, telling the same story but from the perspective of the Havsrå, calling the sailors to follow her into the water. The male choir at the end symbolizes the men that have followed her in the past, and are now singing from the other side.

This is the song on the album where I most struggled with getting the arrangement right, as I needed it to have the balance of being both somehow sweet and innocent-sounding but with a very dark undertone. With the drone from a harmonium, the floor tom, distant accordion and zither I got it right in the end. These ideas were actually my co-producer Jakob Lindhagen’s, and although I was fairly sceptical towards all of them initially, I’m glad I was convinced to try them out.