Chapter one: Stormen kommer I / by Sergio Díaz De Rojas

album stories 1.jpg

As a way of letting everyone interested a bit closer into this record, I will publish small stories about the songs —the inspiration, ideas and stories behind them— during the following weeks. I’ll post them in chronological order, starting with the first track: Stormen Kommer I.

Its title translates to The storm is coming and has two versions. This one, the opening of the album, is to be seen as the calm before the storm, when you can kind of sense the tension in the air and know that something is about to change. The bowed glockenspiel that is used in the recording is symbolising distant lights from boats and lighthouses. The sound of the wind that goes throughout the song is something I would have loved to have been recorded on a remote island in Swedish archipelago on a windy Autumn evening, and that’s how I also somehow imagine it. Truth is, it is just me blowing into an SM57 in my living room in suburban Stockholm. I prefer the romanticized version.